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Policies and Arrangements

Health & Safety Policies

At PMR Solutions, our aim is to breathe fresh air into health and safety and all its documentation and procedures. Whilst we appreciate that a collective sigh of scepticism may have followed our opening statement, we hope to have earned your attention for the next few paragraphs!

Whilst there is no denying that health and safety could never work without its plethora of documents and processes, we believe that an excessive amount of paperwork is just not necessary.

In fact, we think too many forms can have a detrimental effect on efficiency and effectiveness.



Working with PMR Solutions

We work by breaking a company's health and safety policy down into easily digestible segments. This allows both manager and employee to understand everything that applies to them, and clearly identifies the lines of responsibility for everyone concerned.

As firm believers in the need for policies and arrangements to be written in plain English so that they can be understood by everyone, we work closely with our clients to set out all documentation so that it can be used correctly, and with the greatest of ease.

We also provide our clients with expert guidance on policy setting and the formation of procedures. This will enable you to keep your employees safe and your operation without the confines of the relevant legislation.

As with all we do, this service is fully tailored to the individual needs of the businesses we work with. 


Did you know?

A health and safety policy must be made up of three component parts:

1. Statement of Intent: This part confirms your commitment to health and safety generally, and outlines your intentions on how it will be managed. It will broadly identify your responsibilities towards your employees, your customers or clients, your visitors and your neighbours.

2. Organisation: Usually presented as a simple organisation chart, this part will confirm the lines of responsibility within your company and, for greater clarity, can be supported by a written description of each of those responsibilities.

3. Arrangements & Policies: The bulk of the policy detail is contained in this part which outlines the precise procedures for all your arrangements. These can range from general office procedures to the use of company vehicles and overseas travel: whatever is applicable to your business.

How can we help you?

To learn more about how PMR Solutions can assist you in breathing fresh air into the task of dealing with health and safety policies and arrangements, please 
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