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Our Partners

As an independent consultant, we have the ability of calling upon many partners within both the health & safety and facilities industries to complement the services provided by us. Below is a selection of companies that we are pleased to be able to class as our partners.


Personal Performance & Change Coaching

Coaching facilitates action. It enables the client to maximise their learning in fulfilling their purpose, passion and direction in life with the help of the coach. Contact Janet for free coaching during her training period.


Practical Solutions Ltd

Practical Solutions is a professional services company providing a first class safety and compliance management support service, comprising a group of highly experienced and well-qualified consultants in a lean organisation who aim to provide excellent value for money in these difficult times.

Telephone: 01332 727003


PSM HR Outsourcing

PSM provides its SME clients with a flexible choice of professional HR management support, services and advice, covering the broadest range of HR and employment law related topics. These services are individually tailored to meet the organisation’s specific personnel and human resource requirements.

PSM saves companies valuable time and cost by providing complete ‘peace of mind’ for all your HR and employment law requirements to sustain and progress the development of your business.

Telephone: 01784 472541


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