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Hornchurch Animal Rescue

We prioritise saving and raising awareness of 'Death Row' dogs (strays who have served their 7 days in the pound and are facing euthanasia). With financial pressures on families and the popularity and overbreeding of the status dogs such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and bull breed dogs, animal rescues are facing an impossible task due to sheer volume of animals.

We work non-stop 7 days a week helping all sorts of unwanted, abandoned and abused animals. We have a good reputation locally as we put alot of emphasis on quality of care. This also means we are very busy as people are keen for our help in rehoming their animal as they know they are rarely going to end up in kennels. Kennels can cause dogs in particular a lot of anxiety and cause behavioural problems making rehoming difficult. We also find that keeping dogs in a home environment gives a better idea of the type of home and family they need and makes first time adoption more successful.

We have a strict no-kill policy and will never put a healthy animal to sleep. We also believe in raising awareness and tackling the root causes for the current epidemic. We promote responsible ownership and campaign for compulsory microchipping and for people to neuter their animals. We go into schools to raise awareness and educate younger people.

PMR Solutions is pleased to support this local organisation - information can be requested by emailing or by calling 07739 487448.