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Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Time is one of the greatest challenges we share in business. And when it comes to managing the many necessary operational services, it has to be said that with more time to manage providers, greater efficiency and cost savings will often result.

Of course, time is a commodity that is often scarce within a business, which is precisely why outsourcing facilities management can prove so beneficial.

No matter the size of your operation, whether you occupy a large building in the city, or a unit in a business centre, outsourcing to facilities management experts can deliver excellent advantage, reducing your bottom line and putting you at a greater competitive edge.



Why outsource facilities management?

If you are experiencing poor service delivery from suppliers and contractors, you will know only too well how this can impact upon efficiency and, more worryingly, on customer (and employee) relationships. Personnel are pulled from their roles to deal with arising issues; critical deadlines are compromised and customer loyalty is jeopardised. Employees are not alaways provided with the correct tools and working environment that they require.

In the absence of well negotiated service level agreements angled in your favour, it could be tricky to deal with comebacks.

Not only do professional facilities management specialists source the right level of supplier for your needs, they also use their knowledge and understanding of what an individual business needs from its providers to negotiate advantageous service level agreements. And then they closely monitor those service levels to ensure delivery as agreed.


Why PMR Solutions?

Several years in the property and facilities industry means we truly understand the demands and pressures that managing services can place on any business. By working closely with our clients and taking time to get to know their operation, goals and challenges, we can offer a partnership-based relationship whereby full trust can be handed over with complete peace of mind.

  • Flexibility
  • Relationship-based personal service
  • Extensive experience
  • Vast trusted supplier network

Our extensive trusted network allows us to source precisely the right supplier or contractor for any given requirement, business, industry sector and premises type.

Through close supervision and control of specifications and service quality, regular supplier communication, and by keeping the closest eye on documentation, we will ensure expectations are met and goals achieved, every time.

In a nutshell

Outsourced facilities management can offer numerous benefits:

  • Generally more cost effective than a full time in-house facilities manager
  • Maintain focus on your core business activities knowing suppliers are being closely supervised
  • Cost effective support for your office manager
  • Pro-active management of facilities and services equals greater value for money
  • Close monitoring of services provides ample opportunity to re-negotiate and / or improve contract terms


Did you know?

If you operate major plant and business critical equipment, a facilities management professional will be able to implement a planned preventative maintenance programme so as to reduce costs and safeguard your assets.
How can we help you?

Outsourcing facilities management provides an independent, detailed review service allowing you to stand back and see the bigger picture within your business. And it gives you back that all-important commodity: time. To learn more about how PMR Solutions can make a difference to your business with a professional outsourced facilities management solution that has been trusted by businesses across Essex and London for several years, please get in touch.